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Personalized Yoga to Help You Overcome Your Obstacles.



Yoga saved my life.

In February of 2013, I was riding my bike in Chicago when a woman opened her car door into the bike lane. I was thrown from my bike into traffic and run over by a truck. I broke 23 (of 24) ribs, both sides of my pelvis, both collarbones, my left hip, left shoulder, fractured a vertebra, punctured a lung, and cracked my skull. 

Doctors didn't think I would survive, let alone walk again.

I know for a fact that if I had not been practicing asana regularly before the accident (I was, in fact, on my way home from class when it happened), I would not be alive today. Doctors have credited my survival, in large part, to the flexibility and resilience in my spine. And I know also, that had I not returned to regular practice as soon as possible afterwards, I would not have recovered anywhere close to the place I am.

In the years since the accident, my yoga practice has transformed from purely physical pursuit to a lifestyle that guides me on a path toward continuous self-improvement inside and out. But I will always believe fully in the transformative power of movement. Building a connection to the physical body is an essential first step to creating change in the deeper, more subtle parts of the self. With intention, determination, and practice the impossible is revealed as a myth.

I would love to help you start your own yoga journey toward realizing the truly amazing things you are capable of.






A dynamic and challenging class in which breathing is used as a meditation, serving as a guide to create space from the inside out. You will focus on creating balance with the body’s strength and flexibility, and clear blockages in the central channel, speaking to the major chakras of the body.

This class blends many styles of yoga such as Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Forrest, and Dharma yoga. The practice aims to bridge gaps in yoga traditions, allowing practitioners to learn from all styles and not just one. Every class includes standing postures, hip openers, backbends, forward bends, twists, and inversions. Most classes include chanting, kriyas, or meditation. Great for all levels.

Move. Because you can--Intentionally and

"Our bodies are our gardens - our wills are our gardeners"

William Shakespeare



Something very exciting happens when you
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